Rivers Capital Group is a private venture seeking private equity investment opportunities. 

About Us

Our principals have a wide range of M&A experience in both the public and private markets and are particularly attracted to businesses that have a  commercial real estate component.

Seeking Investment Opportunities

Rivers Capital Group is seeking direct investment and buyout opportunities in operating businesses headquartered in Western Canada.

Target companies may include business services and specialty manufacturing and generate EBITDA of C$1M to C$5M annually.  Target businesses must be bank financeable.

No specific industry is strongly preferred or undesirable, although a connection to real estate or development is an advantage.

Target businesses should have demonstrated historical earnings and cash flow. Turnaround and venture situations are less desirable but may be considered.

Strong preference for businesses which are still founder owned and operated, and whose founders / managers are seeking a lead capital partner and are willing to retain a material equity stake.

Strong preference for an established management team in place and willing to stay on board for the next stages of growth and professionalization.

Robert King


Robert King is a principal at Westbridge Capital Group, a private investment firm specializing in the finance and development of commercial real estate… Read More

Gage Allard


Gage Allard has worked in numerous roles across the financial services industry, most recently as an associate at a leading Western Canadian private equity firm…  Read More

Kate De Wolf


Kate de Wolff has been CFO for the Hearthstone Group of Companies since 2001 and is responsible for all aspects of financial, investment…  Read More

Tony Allard


Tony Allard is President of Hearthstone Investments, a single- family office and private investment firm holding primarily commercial real estate and public equities… Read More

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